Gin Xoriguer Mahon 700ml


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One look at the internet when you pop in the name of this Gin & Wow you are hit with 5 Star Glory everywhere. Seriously good Gin. It has to be, as its base is distilled high quality wine.

Here is the Technical stuff:

A cult gin from Mahon in Menorca, Xoriguer (pronounced sho-ri-gair) is one of the only gins in the world alongside Plymouth to have a geographical indication, Gin de Menorca. It was first made for the British Sailors who were stationed on the Island between 1708 and 1802, who were hankering for some gin.

Xoriguer is still made in the same way, according to the 18th century recipe, commanding a devoted following of happy travellers. Gin Xoriguer is the result of a distillation in traditional copper stills, using high quality wine alcohol (eau-de-vie) and carefully selected juniper berries, which come from the neighbouring Mediterranean mountains, together with aromatic herbs. These herbs are the guarded secret of Xoriguer gin’s original bouquet. Only the Pons family know the identity and proportion of this valuable ingredient, which is added behind closed doors and without witnesses, at the start of each distilling. The respect for tradition is such that the fuel still used today in the distillation is wood.

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