Coffee by ROCKET - Espresso Blend


250 gm

When the coffee lands they work out a suitable roasting profile, then roast fresh every day, Monday to Friday.

Rocket finds their espresso best from the 5th day to 2 weeks after roasting so buy little & buy often.

"This is what we serve at the bar in the roastery, it is always being critiqued & always under development. To develop our blend we start with fresh coffee samples, we roast them in our 20's Probat sample roaster then line them up on the cupping table, we look for coffee that has a good deal of natural sweetness, we may find tropical fruit note in a Colombian, citrus in a Burundi or dark fruity chocolate & creamy body in a Brasil. “ Rocket

If you let us know which day you require your coffee we can make sure it is as fresh as possible.

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